About me


I’m Jakub Klementewicz, a 20-year-old Polish developer.

I have always wanted to be successful and do something huge in my life.


As a child, I loved to play video games.
I had been spending a lot of my free time on crafting, building, mining and exploring those virtual worlds.
Then one day I made a decision to make my own game!

I’ve started coding when I was 10 years old!
My first programming language was C++ ❤

The languages I know: Polish(Native), English.
The programming languages I know: C++, C#, Java



My very first application

Fizykulator (2014)

Fizykulator (eng. “Physiculator”, the combination of two words: Physics and a calculator).

I created Fizykulator to help my friends with their homework. Fizykulator could solve equations after giving values. It has a built-in converter of units: Kg -> g or *C -> *F etc.


My works in Unity 3D

In 2015 I’ve started to use Unity 3D.
I created a lot of simple games, which I published on Google Play. Here are screenshots of some of them:

My dream was to create a 3D game. In 2015 I started to learn 3D modeling.
I created a lot of models. A few of them:

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Yeah! They love it!

Pomocniczek (2016)

Fizykulator (eng. “School Helpmate”)

In 2016 
I came back to Android and Java! I’ve built something better than Fizykulator and made it available for every student. Pomocniczek is available both in Polish and English version.

Pomocniczek solves Maths equations step-by-step so it can really help students, who hate Maths or have the problem with it.
Here is a link to download Pomocniczek: Google Play – Pomocniczek



Voxelaxy (2017)

Voxelaxy (the combination of two words: Voxel & Galaxy) is a space survival game, where the player plays as an astronaut. His spaceship, which he calls ”Mouse”, has been destroyed suddenly by a missile. He had to land in an emergency on the Unknown Planet. Using only a limited set of tools, you have to survive in a hostile environment. Crafting oxygen and finding food seems almost impossible…

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I published Voxelaxy on Steam and it is available to download and play!
Link to Steam Store

Voxelaxy received Editor’s Choice from Komputer Świat one of the biggest Polish websites about IT.


A lot of YouTubers recorded videos about Voxelaxy.